Constraints in livestock sector in pakistan

Milk production in Pakistan is in the hands of millions of small landholders or landless people.

Environmental issues in Pakistan

An analysis of the yield gap in milk production has been made. Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Production at smallholder level is constrained by a number of barriers, lack of competitiveness and risk factors. To ascertain the number of livestock holders reporting animals and poultry birds.

Livestock also contributes significantly towards national exports and 8. Deposits of copper ore equaling or surpassing the reserves of iron ore have been found, but most sites remain unexploited.

Its stated intent is to develop a model herd structure using the efficiency criteria and to compare the national herd with the model to identify the gaps in livestock production, research and development.

Data sources are described in Section 3 followed by Section 4 in which major findings of the paper are presented. Sugarcane is produced in abundance in Pakistan.

J Dairy Vet Anim Res. This can primarily be attributed to the policy and biological factors… Continue The composition of the national livestock herd is also analysed by considering the two scenarios of the yield gaps.

India: Issues and Priorities for Agriculture

The concept of yield gap is illustrated in Figure 1. Livestock raising is closely integrated with crop production system partly because fodder production is a part of the crop rotation cycle and also because crop by-products and wastes are utilised by the livestock sector.

Many of these systems that are the result of a long evolution are currently under pressure to adjust to rapidly evolving socio-economic conditions; large intensive livestock production units, in particular for poultry production, have emerged over the last decades in response to the rapidly growing demand for livestock products.

The entire UHT industry is using only less than 2 percent of the total milk produced in the country. As Pakistan is also an agriculture based Their participation in livestock care, production and country, the role of rural woman cannot be underestimated.

Shah Sahiwal Cattle of Pakistan.

Pakistan Livestock Census 2006

Lack of access to agriculture extension from the collected data. One is government policies, and how supportive they are of small scale production. Many of these systems that are the result of a long evolution are currently under pressure to adjust to rapidly evolving socio-economic conditions; large intensive livestock production units, in particular for poultry production, have emerged over the last decades in response to the rapidly growing demand for livestock products.

Food safety also concerns the issue of biological and chemical contaminants. It is still a sign of prestige for the people associated with agriculture sector.

Pakistan is fortunate enough to have some of the best breeds of livestock and they are high in number per hundred persons as compared to foreign countries but have poor yields due to lack of good management and feeding.

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture

So, maintaining the balance extension: Food and Agriculture found that majority of the women were participated in Organization of the United Nations, International Fund sowing, harvesting and picking activities and most of the for Agricultural Development and the International working women were doing work to increase their family Labor Office, Rome, Italy.

Pakistan is shifting towards industrialization but agriculture is still a major contributor to economy.

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Similarly, female animals of the herd can be divided into the categories like adult in-milk females, dry females, not yet calved, below one to 3 years, and calves below one year. An international review of donor-supported livestock projects concluded that they have generally failed to benefit the poor.

In general, these systems are shaped by prevailing socio-cultural environments. Livestock production is one of the major activities as about million people of rural areas are engaged in raising livestock and deriving per cent of their incomes.

KarachiLahoreMultanFaisalabadand Islamabad. The absence of policies and institutions that enable small production units to benefit from the cost advantages of large-scale production skews the playing field further.

Negative attitude of the landlord is found to be one of the main problems. Land availability limits the expansion of livestock numbers in extensive production systems in most regions, and the bulk of the increase in livestock production will come from increased productivity through intensification and a wider adoption of existing and new production and marketing technologies.

The Neeli Ravi breed of Buffalo is considered best in the world. The yield gap is estimated in two scenarios. It results in severe loss of crop. Constraints and problems to increase livestock or animal production are almost similar in Asian countries.

The most considerable constraints in Pakistan are nutrition, animal health, animal productivity/genetic make-up of the animals, provision of finance to. Like in other mountainous regions in developing countries, livelihoods in the mountains of Pakistan are based mainly on subsistence agriculture, livestock, common pasture and rangeland, forest, and some non-farm activities.

The leather industry in Pakistan is a fast developing industrial sector of the country both in terms of its qualitative as well as export growth. Over the years this industry has achieved such a remarkable position in the economic development of the country that it now ranks the second biggest export-oriented industry of the country.

Environmental and Health Problems in Livestock Production: Pollution in the Food System In the hog sector, the largest operations, which each house over 50, animals, account for 55% of the national originating in cattle feedlots, industrial dairies, and poultry operations.5 On Maryland’s eastern shore, 6, broiler houses turn.

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between agricultural production and formal credit supply in Nigeria. Specific objectives of the paper are to ascertain: (i) The relationship between aggregate output of the crop sector and aggregate amount of formal credit to the crop sector.

Constraints in implementation of pedigree and performance recording practices at field level in Pakistan have been briefly enlisted in this communication.

Livestock sector in Pakistan plays a very important role in the economy and it has become the back bone of agriculture sector .

Constraints in livestock sector in pakistan
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Feed resources of livestock in the Punjab, Pakistan