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If you paste the data into a Word or PowerPoint table, the Paste Options button displays different paste options. If you keep these tips in mind when approaching the college application process, you should be able to present a clean, accurate and thoughtful application to your chosen college.

To paste table data that you copied as text, click Keep Text Only. To paste the chart as a static picture, click Paste as Picture. You can have your ACT scores sent to other colleges and scholarship agencies, even after you test. Some things to keep in mind: If you find any part of the application process confusing, consult a guidance counselor, parent or trusted to teacher for advice.

Submitting Your Student Application for College

Online college applications are convenient, but they also make it easier for students to rush the application process and make mistakes. Many colleges allow students to fill out their applications on line. Proofread the Application Packet Before you begin to fill out any part of your college application, be sure to read the entire application packet your college has provided.

When you call ACT, you will need to provide the following identifying information: To paste the chart in its original format, click Keep Source Formatting. No need to worry.

Copy an Excel chart to another Office program

To paste the data as a static picture, click Paste as Picture. If you are required to submit an essay with your application, write it once — proofread it — write it again — proofread it — and write it a third time.

Processed within two working days after your request, priority reports are usually delivered three to four business days later.


As with any new deployment, there have been minor growing pains with the new system but library officials expect that working closely with Pharos will help to resolve and troubleshoot any kinks over the coming weeks. Begin by noting any application deadlines on a calendar.

Gather all of the necessary forms and information you will need for your college submissions, and keep them organized and on hand. The library overhaul consists of five copy machines and six printers. Double Check School Requirements Familiarize yourself with the colleges submission requirements before you fill out any application forms.

Colleges that receive reports only electronically might not review priority reports. You must pay by valid credit card. With the data linked to the original worksheet, the data in the Word document will update when the source Excel worksheet is updated. Cost and Delivery Options When ordering online or by mail, you can choose between a regular report and a priority report.

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The data cannot be edited or updated. Understanding precisely what is required on your college admissions board is the key to creating a successful application.

Accuracy is a key component to any successful college application. You may also create or access your ACT web account to request score reports online.

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Request a copy of an official document. Sample letter. GUIDELINES. Before you write this letter, consider making a phone call. Get information about fees and other documents you need to send along with this letter.

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CPPA Task – Support Personnel Processes (Update ESR) Use the CPPA Handbook to identify and perform specific tasks related to updating the Electronic Service Record (ESR) for command personnel. View NPC Web Resources (on the right) for more information and access to additional resources provided by Navy Personnel Command (NPC).

Content reviewed and verified on 21 NOV Active Duty: Mail copy of course completion certificate or page 4 (NAVPERS /) from service record or copy of Enlisted Summary Record (ESR) to JST Operations Center.

Completion certificate (page 4), or copy of ESR must be certified as a true copy of the original by PSD (with PSD personnel original signature).

Copy of tocollege update
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