Decriminalizing drugs as a right way to battle drugs in america

Article Continued Below Many of the gang leaders have been jailed or killed. The question, for Washington, is not whether the legalization of drugs would provide an effective solution to an otherwise intractable problem.

Many third world countries secretly support drug production because of the huge kickbacks they get from rich drug kingpins, cartels, and warlords.

Or have they and we just don't know it. Who are we to tell them not to legalize or decriminalize. How can they justify mainstream white people becoming addicted. Bush also witnessed the rapid escalation of the militarization of domestic drug law enforcement.

In addition, if it was taxed like alcohol, people have been legally making their own wine and beer for years, with little or no problem. In a regulated market, this would not happen. Let us regulate its manufacture, quality, and distribution and tax it as with alcohol and tobacco to generate tax revenues.

Marijuana reform has gained unprecedented momentum throughout the Americas. Wake up and get real, cannabis should be legal. When it comes to illegal intoxicants, it seems, the market trumps helicopters every time — a stubborn asymmetry that imperils both lives and states. Gary Johnson out of the Rep.

So why are some drugs legal and other drugs illegal today. The leaders of the drugs war should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Far from being a moral crusade, the drugs war has been an excuse to crush the vulnerable, the poor, and racial minorities, trampling on fundamental human rights.

April 17, at 9: With a blogname like that Some of us are stuck in the downward spiral of life and the only choice they think they have is to do meth.

Why decriminalizing drugs is the only fix for Mexico’s ‘Murder City’

Because marijuana is now illegal, it is sold only by criminals criminals who often sell other, much more dangerous drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. On its own people. They just want control. It is less addictive than alcohol or cigarettes and actually has medical applications and benefits which cannot be said for the other two vices.

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So what are our options. April 17, at 1: And we are spending a lot of money doing it. April 18, at 1: Some of us work and earn easy, hence, the fact they buy drugs because what to do if you have millions of money and already traveled the world. Other drugs like meth and crack will follow.

Not long ago, three former Latin American presidents — one each from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico — issued a report saying current drug policies have failed. Anybody who wants any of these products can get them with little problem now.

But harder drugs are a vastly harder sell. Taxes come in, whether through the sales of the drug itself, or from purchasing equipment, soil, lights, fertilizers, and other necessary gardening tools.

If pot was completely legalized the DEA could focus on the "problem" drugs. Do the readers know of anyone who has been offered a free bottle of whiskey, rum or vodka when legally buying beer or wine.

It is way to profitable to the US to keep them illegal. We have so many people incarcerated that it matches the population of connecticut. Talking close to billion. I think this war on drugs is a waste of time and money.

Proposals to decriminalize marijuana were abandoned as parents became increasingly concerned about high rates of teen marijuana use. We have plenty of articles to make sure that everything goes as planned. Colorado and Washington State made history last year when they became the first two states -- and the first two political jurisdictions anywhere in the world -- to legally regulate the production and distribution of marijuana, and many states are looking to follow them in the next few years.

During this period the use of illegal drugs dramatically escalated due to the hippy movement and by Viet Nam war combatants. Apr 16,  · One [factor] is the ongoing and mounting frustration that not just governments but many people in Latin America feel with the negative consequences of the U.S.

war on drugs in Latin America. Many have concluded that there’s no way to defeat what. Jul 02,  · Legal drugs, sold in the same way, and with the same controls as alcohol, will remove the immense profits from drug sales. And will add quality and product controls that are now nonexistent.

With legal drugs available at a fair price, drug-related crime should drop. Sep 13,  · Other countries in Latin America are considering similar changes in their laws, prompting antidrug groups in the U.S.

to say that pressure from south of the border will push the United States toward decriminalization, if not legalization, of drugs. “Subjecting people to criminal sanctions for the personal use of drugs, or for possession of drugs for personal use, infringes on their autonomy and right to privacy.”.

After you watch the video, read on to learn more about the discriminatory history of the war on drugs. The Early Stages of Drug Prohibition Many currently illegal drugs, such as marijuana, opium, coca, and psychedelics have been used for thousands of years for both medical and spiritual purposes.

Mar 03,  · The War on Drugs – Another Losing Battle Posted on March 3, by fgeefay The war or prohibition on drugs has been raging since the early ’s but was not seriously addressed by the federal government until the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of was implemented by the Nixon administration.

Decriminalizing drugs as a right way to battle drugs in america
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