Egyptian citizenship

Finally, the Ministry of Interior may declare a physically or mentally disabled foreigner eligible for citizenship if that individual has fought as a member of the Egyptian military. Resumption of Egyptian citizenship[ edit ] Egyptian nationality may be restituted, by a decree of the Minister of Interior, to a person from whom it has been withdrawn or who has forfeited it, after the lapse of 5 years from withdrawing or forfeiting it.

Those who on February 22, were enjoying the Egyptian nationality according to the provisions of law no. Persons who become naturalized Egyptian citizens may keep their original nationality if the other country permits it.

If he obtains a foreign nationality, in a manner other than what is set forth sub article No criminal penalty or penalty restricting his freedom should have been passed against him in a crime against honor, unless he has been rehabilitated.

To be eligible for Egyptian citizenship, you must have lived in the country for a minimum of 10 consecutive years, and you must be over 21 years of age. Those who have acquired the United Arab Republic nationality pursuant to the provisions of Law no.

However, the Ministry of Interior may issue a decree depriving the wife from acquiring Egyptian nationality within the two-year period, but such rejection can be disputed in court. Some conditions have to be met. Embassy receives frequent reports of online financial scams, often involving a fraudulent romantic partner requesting money for hospital bills or legal expenses to depart Egypt.

If you are granted citizenship, you are not allowed to participate in elections until five years from the day it is granted. You may not run for political office until you have been a citizen for 10 years. The fastest and most direct way to a second passport is to acquire citizenship through an officially recognized citizenship program.

Persons born in Egypt, of a father who was born in Egypt, and who is a member of a racial minority, faces no residency requirements if their language is Arabic or religion is Islam.

Even though Egyptian citizenship is given for a number of reasons, they fall quite neatly into two categories: The nationality can be granted by decree of the Interior Minister to foreigners who have made Egypt their primary residence for ten years prior to submitting the application for becoming an Egyptian citizen.

There is no standard law for naturalization. A foreign woman who has acquired the nationality of the United Arab Republic, under the provisions of Law No. Because dual citizenship is complex and nationality rules and laws vary from country to country, be sure to consult our qualified experts and experienced citizenship attorneys.

Egyptian immigration officials occasionally have denied entry to travelers without explanation.

Egyptian nationality law

The accuracy and depth of these country listings varies significantly, and some information may be incorrect. Four recent photographs of the wife A processing fee equivalent to about USD At this point the application is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo for approval. Considered Egyptians[ edit ] The following are deemed Egyptian nationals: If he has failed to reside in Egypt for 2 consecutive years, and his absence has been without a reason acceptable by the Minister of Interior.

Those who were born to an Egyptian parent, or have an Egyptian grandparent Those who were born abroad, of an Egyptian mother and an unknown father, or a stateless father, or a father whose nationality is unknown, if he chooses Egyptian nationality within one year of coming of age, provided he shall advise the Minister of Interior of his choice, after making his ordinary residence in Egypt, and the Minister of Interior does not object thereto within one year from the date of the advice is received by the Minister.

Those who are considered Egyptians under nationality laws issued prior to law No. Naturalization[ edit ] A person may be naturalised as an Egyptian citizen after at least 10 consecutive years of residence in Egypt.

Experiences with the process and success rates vary wildly. Providing or refusing the nationality is at the discretion of the state. Children aged under 21 normally obtain Egyptian citizenship automatically at the same time a responsible parent is naturalised.

This contrasts with some Asian countries such as IndiaChinaand Japanwhose nationals lose the original nationality when they voluntarily assume another. You want to know more about the Egyptian Citizenship by Investment Program.

Egyptian nationality law

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Different categories of people face varying requirements. You may not run for political office until you have been a citizen for 10 years. If he accepts a post abroad with a foreign government or a foreign or international body and remains in that post despite the issuance of a justified reason by the Ministers Council ordering him to quit that post, should his stay in such a post constitute a threat to the supreme interests of the country, and that is if he continues in such a post more than six months from the date he is notified of the order, at his post abroad If his normal stay is abroad, and he joins a foreign body whose purposes include working for the undermining of the social or economic order of the state, by the use of force or any other illegal means.

There is a possibility of terrorist attacks in urban areas, despite the heavy security presence. You will no longer have to renew any visas or permits, nor will you have to renounce your first citizenship.

Acquire Egyptian CitizenShip

These permits may be acquired from the Ministry of Manpower and Migration offices in the district of the employer; accordingly, these permits authorize residency in the country. Remember that local authorities are responsible for investigating and prosecuting the crime. Acquire Egyptian CitizenShip.

The request to acquire the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Form 19C - Foreign Wife request for Egyptian Nationality) must be signed by both husband and wife and attached to the following: Required documents to submit request for Egyptian Citizenship.

EGYPT CITIZENSHIP: Egyptian citizenship laws are based on Law #17, promulgated on June 22, The law is based on the concept of legitimate descent. BY BIRTH: Birth within the country of Egypt does not automatically confer sgtraslochi.comnship by birth is only granted under the following conditions: Child born in Egypt, out of wedlock, to an Egyptian mother, when the father is unknown or.

acquire egyptian citizenship The Egyptian law grants the foreigner wife of an Egyptian the right to acquire the Egyptian nationality while keeping her original nationality.

You will have to submit a request stating the wish to acquire the Egyptian Nationality along with the husband's consent.


Egypt is offering citizenship to foreigners who deposit at least 7 million Egyptian pounds ($,) and then hand it over to the Treasury after five years, an amendment passed by parliament on Monday said.

acquire egyptian citizenship The Egyptian law grants the foreigner wife of an Egyptian the right to acquire the Egyptian nationality while keeping her original nationality. You will have to submit a request stating the wish to acquire the Egyptian Nationality along with the husband's consent.

The Egyptian nationality law is based on a mixture the principles of Jus sanguinis and Jus soli with some alterations. In other words, both place of birth and Egyptian parentage are relevant for determining whether a person is an Egyptian citizen.

Egyptian citizenship
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Egypt to offer citizenship to foreigners for $, deposit | Reuters