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Three Skeleton Key

August 14, at 1: Over her bridge, on her deck, in the rigging, on every visible spot, the ship was a writhing mass — a starving army coming toward us on a vessel gone mad. Now, ships were a rare sight in our waters, for our light was a warning of treacherous reefs, barely hidden under the surface and running far out to sea.

The ship could have grazed us, passed to port or starboard with its ravening cargo — but no, she came for us at full speed, as if she were leading the regatta at a race, and impaled herself on a sharp point of rock.

September 8, at The horrible band, in no measurable time, had swarmed up and over the tower as if it had been a tree, piled on the embrasures of the windows, scraped at the glass with thousands of claws, covered the lighthouse with a furry mantle, and reached the top of the tower, filling the gallery and piling atop the lantern.

There came a scream, composed of innumerable screams, sharper than the howl of a saw attacking a bar of iron, and in the one motion, every rat leaped to attack the tower. Please find more amazing old stories… and especially stories read by such gigantic talents as Vincent Price.

Recall the end of the movie, when the Triffids were crawling up the stairs of the light house. But, we liked it there, my two fellow-tenders and myself — so much so that, for twenty-two months on end with the exception of shore leaves, I was greatly satisfied with the life on Three Skeleton Key.

Furthermore, some of them, instead of returning to the rocks, boarded the fireboat and the men were forced to battle them hand-to-hand. But the thought of our bones joining those of the convicts was always in the back of our minds.

Belly up, mouths gaping, they arrived in swarms and scooped up the rats, sweeping through them like a sickle through wheat. The small ship could not approach, but steamed around the light at a safe distance, and the tower must have seemed fantastic, some weird, many-mouthed beast hurling defiance at them.

As the light turned, it successively blinded thousands of rats crowded against the glass, while the darkside of the lantern room gleamed with thousands of points of light, burning like the eyes of jungle beasts in the night.

Three Skeleton Key

I hope young folks can still find that magic for themselves. After debating all of the ninth day, we decided not to light the lantern that night.

Now, ships were a rare sight in our waters, for our light was a warning of treacherous reefs, barely hidden under the surface and running far out to sea. As for living authors, Haldeman, Hill, Wellman while some of his stories are not exactly horror, they do offer a supernatural chill.

The rats occupied the entire light beneath us, and on the floor of our retreat lay some twenty of their fellows, who had gotten in with us before the trapdoor closed, and whom we had killed with our knives.

And there was no way of admitting fresh air without also admitting the rats. The remaining rats turned tail, swam to the shore and emerged dripping. Bloch would be nice. Eight days went by as usual; then on the ninth night after my return, Itchoua, who was on night duty, called Le Gleo and me, sleeping in our rooms in the middle of the tower, at two in the morning.

From time to time, some of the rats fought among themselves and a cluster would detach itself, falling into the sea like a ripe fruit from a tree.

When they were discovered, nothing remained but three heaps of bones, picked clean by birds. But the thought of our bones joining those of the convicts was always in the back of our minds. The plot involves three men tending a lighthouse on an island off the coast of French Guiana. An abandoned ship, overrun by thousands of ferocious rats, makes landfall.

A life-and-death struggle ensues as the men seek to save themselves from the hungry horde /5. George Frederick Will is a conservative commentator, pundit, talking head and author associated with the National Journal.

lol stinks like poo! Three Skeleton Key is a proof of concept short film based on the classic horror story by George G. Toudouze. Written and Directed by Andrew Hamer.

Tales To Terrify No 31 George G. Toudouze

Produced by Marcus Mizelle. Three Skeleton Key (). by George G. Toudouze text copied from Scary for Kids. The best performance of this radio-play adaptation of this story was one that Escape presented on March 17, (Suspense/Horror) Written by George Toudouze, adapted for radio by James Poe.

Three men who tend the light at a reclusive island off the coast of French Guiana see a rogue ship adrift in the Atlantic. Georges-G. Toudouze + Follow Similar authors to follow + + + See more recommendations Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. OK Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations Are you an author?

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George g toudouze
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