If i were a celebrity

Remember, it all starts with the first step……………… Well, today, my fellow Baby Boomers, you will have to indulge me for a while while I have my own little cocktail party and prattle on about the type of person I would be if I were suddenly a member of the jet set elite. If I were a celebrity, there are 10 things that I would do for my beloved country.

On January 28,NBC confirmed that season eight would feature celebrities playing the game to raise money for charity. By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can: In fact, a celebrity is defined as a well-known person but necessarily a singer or an actor.

For example, I would love to get involved in a film that plots the journey towards independence of Malaysian heroes. Ewing on the TV series Dallas. To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads.

Someone who achieves a small amount of transient fame through, say, hype or mass media may become labeled a "B-grade celebrity".

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The term "instant celebrity" describes someone who becomes a celebrity in a very short period of time. Many of them take second jobs on the side or even venture into other occupations within the field of sports such as coaching, general managementrefereeingor recruiting and scouting up-and-coming athletes.

A small percentage of entertainers and athletes are able to make a decent living but a vast majority will spend their careers toiling from hard work, determination, rejection, and frequent unemployment. Certain advertising characters have also become iconic thanks to decades of constant merchandising, such as Ronald McDonaldBibendum and Hello Kitty.

History[ edit ] Athletes in Ancient Greece were welcomed home as heroes, had songs and poems written in their honor, and received free food and gifts from those seeking celebrity endorsement.

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Newspapers started including gossip columns [6] and certain clubs and events became places to be seen in order to receive publicity.

International entertainer such as Angelina Jolie has adopted an orphan too. In the '60s and early '70s the book publishing industry began to persuade major celebrities to put their names on autobiographies and other titles in a genre called celebrity publishing.

For an actor, I think this is a very practical way to help my country. I can donate the money to schools in rural areas so that students there can enjoy better facilities and quality education.

10 Things That I Would Do For My Country If I Were A Celebrity

Interestingly, a celebrity can gain fame as well as make lucrative income at the same time. Or, have you already made the tough decisions to arrange the priorities in your life to reach your personal and financial goals.

After Trump announced his intentions to run for President of the United States in the election inNBC began to re-evaluate their business relationship with Trump and whether he could still be host of The Apprentice series.

People who commit extremely gruesome crimes can also achieve infamy, such as Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Sherlock HolmesDraculaFrankenstein's Monster and James Bond continue to be portrayed in film, television and literature decades after the original stories were published.

In politics, certain politicians are recognizable to many people, usually the head of state and the Prime Minister. Indeed, they are some examples of famous and powerful celebrities in this century. For example, I would definitely like to be he ambassador of WWF Malaysia to raise awareness of wildlife-conservation among Malaysians.

Moreover, celebrities are able to influence the people and have the ability to raise awareness on some particular issues. English-speaking media commentators and journalists will sometimes refer to celebrities as belonging to the A-List or state that a certain actor belongs to the B-List, the latter being a disparaging context.

Sep 25,  · Best Answer: no lie i love giving back. so much that i dated a rich old man just so i can donate and really help out charity. if i were a celebrity that is what i would do.

buy a nice home and not be in debt. i would be a singer like gaga except im prettier lol ;)Status: Resolved. Get the latest celebrity news and hot celeb gossip with exclusive stories and pictures from Us Weekly.

Stars Who Dated Before They Were Famous. TEN THINGS I WOULD DEFINITELY DO IF I WERE RICH AND FAMOUS _____ 1. Hang Out with Rich & Famous People. I would hook up some fun distractions to spend time with people like Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell or Ed O’Neill.

If you were a celebrity, what celebrity would you be?


Find out with a What Celebrity Are You Quiz! Quiz: Are you a celebrity? What celebrity are you like? If you were a celebrity, what celebrity would you be?

Find out with a What Celebrity Are You Quiz!

If I were.....

Celebrity QuizWhat Celebrity Are You? Deep down, you know you should be a celebrity, but. Influence From Celebrities From the day we were born, or even earlier when we were created in the uterus, we have been constantly influenced by our surroundings, whether they are living things or.

Celebrity QuizWhat Celebrity Are You?

86 celebrity babies who were born this year so far. Olivia Singh.

If I Were A Celebrity, I Would Be…

Oct. 9,PM The couple revealed the birth of twins Betsy Mack and Emory Joann shortly after they were born in late.

If i were a celebrity
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